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How To Install and Configure Monit

25 Oct, 2015 3 min read

Monit is one of the best non nonsense system monitor around. Some of most famous system monitors such as Nagios, Zabix etc. are not suitable for small setup with few servers and servies. Some time we refer monit as poor man’s system monitor. The Monit take minimum effort to setup and get going. Monit not only automatically monitors and manages server programs such as database, webserver, schedulers, but also continually check disk size, permission, incoming file. Additionally Monit comes bundled with a web interface to monitor status of all the process. In this tutorial we will cover the most basic setup and configuration.

For this tutorial we are using AWS ec2 Ubuntu 14.05. Monit installation is straight forward using apt-get:

Once Monit installed by the apt-get, you can start adding programms and process to the configuration file. you can

Monit can be started with command which will make monit to run in the background.